🕷️v1.0.0 Release!

A New Beginning

The Release of Version 1.0.0!

Hello everyone! Today will be our first release of NetExec version 1.0.0 🎉 If you are reading this you have already found your way to the GitBook wiki, good to see you! Here we will give you a rundown of all the new features of NetExec as we release new versions. We will also provide documentation of all the existing modules and features to give you an idea of what NetExec is capable of!

If you still have questions, feel free to join our discord server for help or to suggest new ideas and feature requests 📣 This release is mainly aimed at stability, to provide a solid baseline from which to work. Some minor and major bugs have been fixed, see below for details.

Version 1.1.0 is already in the works, with great new modules in the works as well as new features such as zblurx's delegation technique coming soon to NetExec 🚀 Stay tuned!

Credit where credit is due: This tool is based on CrackMapExec and was originally created by bytebleeder and maintained by mpgn over the years, shout out to them! With the retirement of mpgn, we (@zblurx, @Marshall and @NeffIsBack) decided to maintain the tool NetExec, formerly known as CrackMapExec, as a completely free open source tool.

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